Evidence-Based Practice
for the Helping Professions

Selecting A Database

The table below lists sources by discipline and by client type. They are the best sources available that we know about, but please make suggestions. Many cells are blank because we have not found databases specific to them. You can access the free sources by clicking on them. If you are affiliated with a university or clinic, you can probably access most of the major electronic databases through your account. Hopefully, as it becomes evident that decision makers need access to databases, that funds will become available to make the larger databases free to practitioners. Still, there are other ways to access databases for a fee or through local libraries.

Links to Evidence-Based Sources by Client Type and Practice Discipline
Key: An asterisk (*) means not free and limited to users with accounts paying for the database.
means previously searched link.


Social Work Psychology Nursing Medicine
Client Type
Teaching &
Learning EBP

Centre for Evidence-Based Social Services

Evidence for Policy and Practice Information

Columbia University

UK Social Services Research Group


Evidence-Based Health Care

Centre for Evidence Based Nursing

Evidence Based Nursing

Best Evidence Medical Education

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Consort (critically appraising evidence)

Critical Appraisal Skills Program

EBM Toolkit

Evidence-Based Practice Center Teaching and Learning EBP in Social Work

RevMan Criteria for Rating Reviews

ScHARR Introduction to EBP on Internet

Topics in Medical Education

U. of Illinois Chicago

All Clients


(Passcode in Gibbs book)

Campbell Collaboration systematic reviews
of the effects of social and educational policies and practices


*Social Work Abstracts
(For free trial subscription, contact sales@ovid.com)

*Science Citation Index

*Social Science Citation Index

*Sociological Abstracts
(Available through www.ovid.com)

United States Department of Health and Human Services

The Cochrane Library


(Passcode in Gibbs book)

Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention (Abstracts Only)


Evidence-Based Mental Health


*PsychINFO (For free trial contact sales@ovid.com or join APA at members.apa.org/access/)

General Psychiatric Rating Scales

*Health and Psychological Instruments (HAPI) (For a free trial contact www.ovid.com)

The Cochrane Library

Josette Jones Links


(Passcode in Gibbs book)

*British Nursing Index (For free trial contact sales@ovid.com)

*CINAHL (For free trial contact OVID sales@ovid.com)


The Cochrane Library

Dr. Armstrong's New Websites: Health Care Information Resources McMaster

Eamon Armstrong's Bookmarks for EBM

ACP Journal Club

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality


Best Clinical Evidence

British Medical Journals Online

British Medical Journal Updates

Canadian Medical Journal

Centre for Health Evidence (U. of Alberta)

Center for Disease Control


Cochrane Library
(Abstracts Only)

Controlled Clinical Trials

Screening and Early Diagnosis

Centre for Reviews (Univ. of York)


Fronske Health Ctr. U. North AZ

Harm Reduction

Health Evidence

Health Services Technology Assessment Text


Medical Consult (Free for 10 Days)

(contains natural language searching capabilities)

Medline Knowledge Finder

Medical Dictionary



National Electronic Library for Health

National Quality Measures Clearinghouse

National Center for Biotechnology Dissemination)


NLM Health Services/Technology Text (full-text)

Sum Search


Cancer Trials

The Cochrane Library

Children ages 0-12


E-Base (EBP in Education)

E-Base (EBP in Education)

. Evidence-Based Pediatrics
Children ages 13-19


E-Base (EBP in Education)

California EBC for Child Welfare (Rate the evidence yourself.)

Centre of Excellence in Child Welfare

Knowledge Exchange Centre

The Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO


E-Base (EBP in Education)

. .
Families and Groups


Children and Families

. . .

Administration on Aging


. . .
Mental Health

SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP)

Buros Instruments for Mental Measurement (Purchase Only)

Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health

Evidence Based Mental Health

National Mental Health Information Center


Best Treatments for Patients and Physicians NHS Direct

Doctor Update

Patient Information Patient UK

Royal College of Psychiatry Patient Info

Wisdom Library Patient Information

Corrections NCJRS . . .
Developmental Disabilities . . . .
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

Co-Occuring Center for Excellence

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)


SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP)

. . .
Government & Law: Indexes and Databases

Health and Human Services

. . .
Guidelines Use with extreme caution because guidelines are only as good as their evidentiary basis

APA Society of Clinical Psychology

Behavioral Health Recovery Management


National Guideline Clearinghouse

Canadian Medical Journal

Clients / Patients      

Fronske Health

Best Treatments for Patients and Physicians NHS Direct

Doctor Update

Patient Information Patient UK

Royal College of Psychiatry Patient Info

Wisdom Library Patient Information

Evidence-Based Practice as If Your Life Depended on It
Evidence-Based Skills for Clients/Patients


Updates made 3.9.2007 with help from Eileen Gambrill (U. California Berkeley), Aron Shlonsky (U. Toronto), and Stanley McCracken (U. Chicago).

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